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Financial and Investment Management

Our financial planning service involves reviewing your financial affairs, determining your goals and objectives, and developing a strategy that includes financial planning, risk management, tax minimization, and investment management. We then create a detailed plan and implement that strategy. The plan is the "client compass" that will guide us to your financial goals.

Step One: Complimentary Consultation
The process starts with a complimentary consultation, either in person or on the telephone. We will review your overall financial situation, define your important goals and objectives, and develop a plan to meet those objectives. We will also provide you with a fee estimate at this time.
Step Two: Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement
Next we gather more detailed information, including your current financial situation, income, family obligations, long and short term goals, and future cash needs. We will use this to develop a Financial Plan and an Investment Policy Statement that will include your goals and objectives, financial risk tolerance, asset allocation, tax planning information, and investment guidelines.

We believe that establishing a plan is paramount to helping you attain your financial goals. The plan acts as a road map to your objectives and will be used as a tool to evaluate future opportunities and measure the performance of your unique portfolio. Your plan will specify the percentage of assets to be invested in stock funds, bond funds, money market funds, and other assets. Along the way, you will be educated on the investment process.
Step Three: Investment Recommendations and Plan Implementation
We will recommend investments believed to be appropriate for you based on your Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement. We will also assist you in opening accounts and filling out initial applications and forms, as well as remitting cash and securities. We will then place transaction orders directly with investment companies, or with discount brokers such as Schwab. We never take possession of your assets. We retain discretionary trading authority, but trades are placed under a limited power of attorney and are held by a qualified custodian.
Step Four: Ongoing Investment Management
While your long-term goals will probably remain constant over the years, the strategies you use to achieve them will not. Not only will your portfolio change as financial markets fluctuate, but changes in your personal life will also affect your financial position. Your ongoing investment management account gives you unlimited access to the personal guidance and education that only an experienced Chartered Financial Analyst can provide. We will help you align your changing short-term needs with your long-term financial strategy. The focus will be on your needs, your goals, and your unique situation.

Your account will be monitored on a daily basis, and a general review will be provided quarterly to ensure that it is consistent with your investment objectives and asset allocation strategy. Recommendations for adjustments and distributions will be made on an as needed basis.

Tax Preparation

As a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Eric Turloff offers tax preparation services to our investment management clients. Engaging Turloff Financial for tax preparation services can save time and money, as we are already familiar with the client’s financial situation and tax strategies.

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